Ted™ Slots Game

TedTM was the first teddy bear to ever break the mold, if there ever was such a thing. The foul-mouthed character from the film franchise has also been immortalized as the theme for a slots game that goes by his name. This game provides thrills and excitement at a rapid pace. Whether you like him or despise him, the antics that he does on the reels of this online slots game that is packed with animation and was developed by Blueprint Gaming can never fail to amuse you. They can immerse themselves in the game’s unlimited range of entertaining and gratifying elements, in addition to the bear’s numerous memorable encounters with the players, which are many. As soon as you start to spin, you’ll have the distinct impression that you’ve entered Ted’s universe, thanks to the infectious soundtrack and Ted’s continuous commentary throughout the experience.

Thematic Symbols for Slot Machines

The setting of this online slots game, which depicts Ted’s room in the basement, very well could have been the scene for the movie. Ted makes himself comfy on the couch, using the video game screen as his television, and he holds the controller in his hand. The slot machine has 5 reels, and there are a possible 20 paylines that players may win on. Players can look forward to winning symbol combinations appearing everywhere on the screen. The J, Q, K, and A playing card symbols, a six-pack of beer, a duck, a bong, Ted’s girlfriend, a TedTM logo, a Wild teddy, and a Thunder Buddies Bonus sign are the game’s emblems. These symbols hold the secret to the game’s winnings. In addition, you should keep an eye out for the Wild feature of the online slot machine since not only does it have the ability to replace any symbol other than the Bonus icon, but it also has a multiplier that can go as high as 500.

Unique Bonus Rounds

The additional content that Ted offers is not your typical fare. The same is true of the privileges and privileges that it can unlock for you. In order to win one of the five available bonuses, the player needs to have three of the Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This will activate one of the following additional features: the Big Money additional, the Bar Crawl Bonus, the colorful Super Mart Free Spins, the intriguing Flash Free Spins, or the entertaining Wheel of Fortune Bonus. Each of these fun bonuses, which include Wild Rewards, Extra Wilds, Mystery Cash awards, Multipliers, and Free Spins, comes with its own animations, mechanisms, and awards that are completely separate from the others. In addition to this, there is a random chance that one of the six bonus modifiers will be activated, which will increase your odds of winning. These include a Psychedelic Super Spin, Colossal Spin or Boost, a Beer Shuffle feature, Laser Gun Infectious Wilds, and a TV Streak feature – all of which are powerful enough to rouse a sleeping Ted from his snooze on the couch. Ted’s reactions, which include shooting off his laser pistol, smoking his hookah pipe, battling with his remote, and having his drink erupt over the game screen, make these mods even more interesting to watch. In addition to all of these rewarding features and modifiers, the TedTM slots game also has a Gamble round that has a unique twist. This round gives you the opportunity to collect risk features in order to increase your wins.

Easy Geography to Understand

Because there are so many exciting slot features available, you might notice that TedTM takes a bit longer to load than other games, but believe us when we say that the wait is well worth it. After you get it set up and running, choosing the size of your bets will be simple and straightforward. You’ll also appreciate the clean appearance of the bottom of the screen, which shows only your current balance, your bet size, and the sums that you’ve won. Simply click or tap on the hamburger menu that appears in the circle toward the bottom left of the screen to have access to additional information.

Play Ted™ at Casimba Casino

We recommend that you give Casimba Casino a try if you haven’t already located a casino that hosts this particular online slots game. In addition to TedTM, you’ll have a plethora of other gaming options at your disposal, since the line-up includes more than 500 exciting games, which are supported by software from over 20 different software firms. In addition to this, it guarantees a 200% match bonus to be given to the player’s account upon the player’s initial deposit. In addition, as part of their player promise, they provide a secure and user-friendly banking system, so you can enjoy playing here without any concerns.

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